I love a Yeti, microphone that is

by Judy Baker on June 30, 2010

I am in love with my new Yeti microphone from Blue.com.

It came in a very cute box covered with cartoon abominable snow people singing and talking into a microphone.

It stands about a foot high.

I love the easy of use, the long usb cable (that allows you to get away from any computer hum that would otherwise spoil a recording).

It has four settings, depending on whether you are speaking, singing, doing an interview, voice over or podcast recording.

You can plug in a headset or musical instrument into the base.

It cost me $109.00 from Amazon.

I say check it out. You might fall in love with a snow creature too.

Listen to the quality by clicking on the link below.

Yeti Stereo Microphone Review

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