Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

by Judy Baker on April 7, 2011

Red Shoes Magazine Cover Red shoes may have worked for Dorothy, but we aren’t in the land of Oz. On Earth, planning and attention are what it takes to get the job done.I have been guilty of neglecting this blog.


I was production mode as I set up two new WordPress sites. I ignored my schedule and while in my mind I had only missed a week, it was actually three weeks since my last post here.


One of the new sites is for a business with my friend, Peter Ivory. We created Visual One Media to serve the visual marketing needs of entrepreneurs. Our site is


To keep on track going forward, I have a solid strategy that will help me. When I want to move from neglect island into a positive habit island, I start by creating a date with myself. I put it in my calendar. For my blog, which is on ongoing project, I added a repeating appointment to write and post my blog in my calendar. I set alerts to sound and flash to get my attention. I can still work on my blog at other times if I choose. I will work on it when I have made an agreement with myself.


I learned long ago that what I schedule gets done. Wishing won’t do it. Spending the time consistently is the best way to go from here to there.


I recommend you use this methodology on projects you want to move from idea to completion:


Getting it done strategy

  • Make a date with yourself and keep it.
  • Identify the smallest next step you can take to move you closer to your goal.
  • If you work best in short bursts, make your date for 10 minutes.
  • If you work best in big stretches of time, turn off your phone and block out the hours when you can work without interruption.
  • Treat yourself like a client.

    What’s your strategy for getting things done?

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