Before You Write Your Book

by Judy Baker on January 25, 2012

leather booksBegin with the end in mind

It is a great way to start any project and keep you going when you hit bumps along the way.

I started writing two books this year. The outline for both of them came fast and furious and I scrambled to keep up with the energy flowing through me. I knew then that I was onto powerful ideas as I channeled the information into outlines for each book.

I imagined that I am about to launch my book. I have done all my prep work, researched my audience, connected with them where they are, gotten feedback which I incorporated into the book(s). My blog site is up. I have prepared my marketing platform, initiated conversations about the topics covered in each book(s) and now I am ready to start harvesting the seeds I planted when I began my author’s journey.

It occurred to me that, almost by osmosis, I have soaked up wisdom by attending meetings of the the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. BAIPA has educated me. I now serve as the President of the organization. I have picked up valuable and useful tips on how to successfully publish, launch and market a book. I have also learned about how to go beyond the book from speakers like Jim Horan, author of the One Page Business Plan, and How to Be the Media from David Mathison. They also shared ways to convert content into other types of information products.

5 Questions to Ask and Answer Before You Write Your Book

If you are considering sharing your expertise by writing a book, here are five questions to ask yourself before you start:

  1. Who is your intended audience?
  2. Why will they buy your book?
  3. How will it impact them?
  4. What will this book do for you?
  5. How will you launch your book?

I’ll keep you posted as I move ahead with my book projects. I know that by answering these questions before I get too far into writing, I am building something that people want, like, and need.

I invite you to learn about self-publishing from the experts at BAIPA if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. If not, find a local group likes ours and get answers to your questions as well as inspiration and support throughout your journey.




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