Getting Animated

by Judy Baker on November 28, 2010

A fellow North Coast Mac User called me. He was interested in animation software for the Mac. He was planning a series of Video podcasts and wanted to create an animated logo. I told him it had been quite a while since I had tried my hand at animation. I used director and flash number of years ago and found I was far better still graphics. I understand the process involved in creating animation. I can direct the process far more effectively than when I am the animator.

I spent a short time today browsing the web to see what I could find in answer to his question. I discovered there are a range of products, a range of skills that are required, and a very large range in price for different solutions. My initial thoughts proved to be true. Animation may look easy when in reality really good animation takes time, talent, and a good deal of patience.

CNET listed a large number of applications for animation. It was obvious to me that the answer to this question was beyond my first-hand knowledge. The CNET site is a great resource and the video which follows will guide you in an overview of using the site to find tools you can use.

The movie you’re about to see (4:35 minutes), was created using Snapz Pro X, an application that can be to have on hand to capture screenshots, movies, and more.

If you have a recommendation of an application that you like and use to create simple animations, please let me know about it.

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