My top five helpful people and practices of 2010

by Judy Baker on December 7, 2010

This is a good time to take stock of what’s working and what’s not in your business. Here’s my list of the top five people and practices I recommend to accelerate your success and reduce stress in the coming year:

Number One:

An accountability partner. This is someone you trust and are willing to share the good and the not so good about yourself and your business. An accountability partner who will tell you the truth, be a shoulder to cry on, and who sees you clearly and is willing to be there for you and you for them is just about the most important person next to yourself in your business. You you need someone who can act as a sounding board, a cheerleader, a den mother, and sometimes just someone who will listen and not try to change you. If you’re like me you’ll go to the ends of the earth when someone else is depending on you. Meet with your buddy frequently, at least once a week, by phone or in person.

Number Two:

A trustworthy  bookkeeper. Follow the money and you’ll see where your passions are now and where your passion generates income.

Number Three:

A professional group were you feel inspired, appreciated, challenged and have fun. For me, it comes in the shape of the Bay Area Consultants Network. I’m not just a member there, I’m on the executive board, and I contribute as a board member to help shape and guide the group. I’m privileged to participate in the general meetings, hearing and interacting with great speakers each month. And I get to eat bacon for breakfast.

Number Four:

Do something fun and maybe a bit outrageous at least once a week. For me, that means singing with the rock chorus, Vox Populi. I love to sing and I get to do it for fun for about two hours every week. It lifts my heart and lifts my spirits. I can be tired and discouraged when I arrive, yet by the time I leave rehearsal, I have a light heart and have shared songs and  laughter. We are singing at a charity event in Sonoma on Thursday night, Larson Winery, 6-9pm. $25 for a spaghetti dinner, live auction and music by Vox Populi and Ten Foot Tone. For more information, to purchase tickets or make a donation, contact Jennifer Sunia at 707.888.0274 or

Number Five:

Exercise your mind, exercise your heart and exercise your brain. I do all three at my health club, Parkpoint. When I’m working out I’m taking care of my body and mind. I feel happy and relaxed and this allows me to connect spirit. Of course I’m surrounded by like minded people, most of whom don’t take themselves too seriously. This helps me keep my life in perspective.

What ever you do in life, if you have someone who is on your side, helps you keep track of the money, appreciates you, and a place to laugh, and a place to be just who you are, for me that’s a good life.

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