Easy Web Video Tips Workshop

by Judy Baker on January 24, 2011

My associate, Peter Ivory and I did a presentation at a Meetup Group. We demonstrated what you can do to improve your video projects and make them more professional and watchable.

This video is about 14 minutes and I captured it using a Sony Handycam HDR CX110 camera on a tripod. The audio is from the built in microphone on the camcorder. I did not supplement the lighting, this is what was in the room. As you will hear from Peter, having good lighting is important and had we adding some lighting the quality of the video would be vastly improved.

I edited the movie using iMovie ’11, When I was done with the editing, I uploaded the movie to YouTube where I have my own channel, completelycreative.

You will get great tips for your video productions. I encourage you to watch and learn.

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