Farewell to the Flip

by Judy Baker on April 14, 2011

Flip camera It was announced yesterday that Cisco is killing the Flip camera. The Flip camera revolutionize the way we record and post videos to the Internet. The simple interface, low-cost, and fun factor made this camera a hit. No other camera line has been as widely embraced as the Flip.


The Flip got people taking movies and sharing them beyond their immediate friends and family. I would go so far as to say the Flip camera is part of the reason YouTube has exponentially grown and flourished.


There are number of imitators of the Flip in the marketplace. I tried a friend’s Flip before I purchased my first camcorder. There are better cameras available, ones with higher resolution, additional features such as the ability to add an external sound source, removable or expandable memory, but all that aside, the ease with which I could record video and upload it without having to know or navigate more than one menu with the Flip can’t be beat. (I bought a SonyHDR CX110).


The Kodak Z i8 is probably one of the better cameras in that same ease-of-use low price space. It is one of the few cameras in that price range. Kodak also released a less expensive model with higher resolution and no external audio outlet called play sport. I’m sure loyal flip camera enthusiasts will keep using your cameras until they die a natural death.


The Flip was the point-and-shoot equivalent of the camcorder world. While it is sad to say farewell to the Flip, in today’s rapidly changing digital electronic world, a new King or Queen will emerge.


Meanwhile people keep on making making videos and posting them to YouTube using their flip cameras.


It is sad that a big company like Cisco would purchase the Flip camera only to kill it as they have done.


Would you rescue the Flip from its death sentence?


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