Show Me – Why a Short Video Gets Results

by Judy Baker on July 3, 2011

I made a short video (1 minute, 48 seconds) of a presentation made by Niki Camerin, an Interior Designer. In this brief movie, Niki explains why it pays to work with an interior designer. She makes her points clearly and is able to visually give us insights into what it would be like to work with her. She keeps the tone light and conversational while including metrics to back-up her statement that she can deliver quality results within the budget of her client.

Why Her Presentation Works

  • It is short
  • The tone is light and conversational
  • She uses words and pictures
  • She tell a story

Is there a conversation that captures what it is like to work with you? I recommend you find a way to turn that conversation into a video. Put it up on YouTube and on your web site. It will bring you one step closer to working with clients who are a good match for who you are and the value you provide.

The Tools I used to Make the Video

I captured the video with my iPhone 4. The movie was made using iMovie ’11 and iPhoto. The music came from istockphoto. I got a few tips on using iMovie the way I wanted it to perform from “iMovie ’11 & DVD, the missing manual” by David Pogue and Aaron Miller (available from O’Reilly).


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