Treat Your Clients Like Plants in Your Garden

by Judy Baker on April 11, 2012

April in Northern California brings uncertain weather. Showers, sun, heat, wind, heavy rain. The garden is begging for attention. Established plants are braving the swing in temperatures. They can do that because they are well established. They have a strong infrastructure to support them. Their roots know the earth where they are living. They have adapted. Their ability to thrive where they are has given them a secure spot at the table.

But what about those fresh, tender, small plants you purchased at the nursery in hopes of freshening up your garden with spots of color? These young plants have fragile root systems. They need time and care to adjust to a new environment. Most will need a higher level of attention and care until they have established themselves in their new garden home.

Clients are like tender plants

When you begin working with a new client, treat them as you would a transplanted seedling. Give them attention, nurture them. Protect them as they grow roots and you both become acclimatized to each other.

As your relationship grows, provide a structure for growing, support them. Feed them regularly. Be sure the light, water and temperature are just right for healthy growth. Add to the mix when needed. Keep your relationship free of weeds. Amend the environment with your time and attention.

Regular Care Required

Treat your clients with care. Give them regular attention and the food they need to thrive. Be a responsible gardener. With regular care, your clients will be as happy and as healthy as the plants in your garden.

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