Is marketing your can-of-worms?

by Judy Baker on December 9, 2011

Can of WormsIf you’re a fisherman, a can-of-worms is a beautiful thing. It’s your bait for catching fish. The more plump and juicy worms you have, the better your fishing expedition will be. Of course if the fish you want to catch only eat mayflies, worms no matter how juicy, are the wrong bait.

In marketing, the right offer is just as important as having the right food for the fish you want to catch when you go fishing. If what you are offering is not a fit in the pond where you are fishing, you may be in the wrong pond or you may have the wrong bait.

In nature it’s very obvious how the ecosystem works. For every plant and animal there is a companion food source. One organism feeds on another. Many plants and animals are very picky. There is only one thing they can and will eat. This is also true of some customers.

Can of Worms

Take another look at that can-of-worms.

It might appear as a wriggling, disgusting, dangerous, and unpleasant source of pain. It’s not attractive and I wish it would just disappear. But knowing that it can also symbolize having the right message, to attract the customers I am looking for, I can turn that negative into a positive.

If you’re phobic about worms it may be harder for you to get over your fear and repulsion. This could also be true when you think about marketing. The visual and visceral reaction you experience when you think about worms and marketing is real. However your thoughts about worms and marketing may not be true.

I’ve been trained to help you reframe your negative thoughts about marketing. Sometimes we confuse thoughts with facts. Thoughts are changeable. They are influenced by our feelings. The difference between a thought and the fact can be huge.

If you’re hungry and you know you can catch fish and feed your family with that can-of-worms, you are far more likely to use it to your advantage.

What are you treating like a nasty can-of-worms in your business? If you’d like to reframe your approach to marketing, or get over your aversion to it, I’ll introduce you to a step-by-step program that gets results and gets you clients.


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